Employment Conditions for Interns

The employment conditions are as follows:


Internships last from 2 to 6 months, renewable upon agreement of the supervisor and intern, and may be extended up to maximum of nine months.


Either party may terminate internship contracts before the expiration date, giving two week's notice in writing.


Interns are covered against occupational injury and occupational illness under the Staff Compensation Plan. Interns are not covered for non-occupational accidents and illness. They will be responsible for their own world-wide health coverage during the period of the IOM contract.

Monthly Sustenance Allowance:

Internships are non-remunerated, voluntary assignment. IOM may grant to interns a Monthly Sustenance Allowance (MSA) as partial contribution to accommodation and living expenses. MSA does not apply for interns who receive stipends from their university, or other sources.

Annual Leave:

Interns are not entitled to days off, except for official holidays during the assignment. If required by circumstances, leave will be agreed with the supervisors.