Since signing a cooperation agreement in 2006, IOM has been providing support to IGAD in implementing regional programs on migration. SLU under the auspices of the IGAD Regional Migration Policy Framework, provides technical support to the IGAD Regional Consultation Process (RCP) and Regional Migration Coordination Committee (RMCC) composed of Heads of Immigration of Member States for the IGAD region.

The regional migration program is successfully contributing to strengthening the capacity of IGAD Member States and other key stakeholders to manage migration more effectively while improving migration governance at the national and regional level.

SLU and IGAD are jointly responsible for overall implementation of project activities, with IOM offices in the region providing support to various activities.

Key developments include:

  • Development and popularization of IGAD Regional Migration Policy Framework (RMPF), adopted in 2012. The IGAD-RMPF covers a wide-range of measures for strengthening the legal, institutional and policy frameworks for managing migration in the IGAD region;
  • Roll‐out of a regional dialogue platform for IGAD Member States through the IGAD RCP (Regional Consultative Process on Migration) – with regular meetings since 2010;
  • Establishment of a Regional Migration Coordination Committee (RMCC) comprising of Directors of Immigration and Labor from IGAD Member States;
  • Joint resource mobilization for Regional Migration Programs in IGAD region.
  • Establishment and strengthening of National Coordination Mechanisms in all IGAD member states with the aim of building national capacities for improved migration governance in the IGAD region.

Past projects implemented by SLU in collaboration with IGAD include:

  • The East African Migration Route (EAMR) Programme: “Building co‐operation, information sharing and developing joint practical initiatives amongst countries of origin, transit and destination”;
  • “Capacity building in Migration and Border management for selected IGAD member States” (co‐funded by IOM Development Fund and IGAD);
  • Regional Program on Migration: Building Regional and National capacities for improved Migration Governance in the IGAD region (2014-2017).