IOM Organizes International Migration Law Training in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa –  UN Migration Agency, IOM, in collaboration with the National Anti-Trafficking in Persons and Smuggling of Migrants Taskforce, is this week conducting a four day training on International Migration Law (IML) for taskforce members and law enforcement officers in Ethiopia. 


The training, which convenes 70 participants focuses on international migration law (IML), and will also highlight, aspects of competence of states, the human rights and labour rights of migrants, the importance of migration terminologies, and gender in migration.


In addition, the protection of migrant workers, the protection of migrant children, and alternatives to detention are among the main areas the IML will touch on.


The training, which is being provided by international experts, is giving participants an insight into a broad range of principles and rules of branches of international law such as human rights law, humanitarian law, labour law, refugee law, consular law and maritime law.


IOM provides such IML trainings to assist its member states with knowledge vital in developing migration policies and legislation that will enhance the rights and protection of migrants, and ultimately help countries to manage migration more effectively, and in a manner consistent with international law.


IOM Ethiopia, working with its headquarters in Geneva, has organized several such trainings over the past years.


“Such trainings are essential in acquainting government officials and partner organizations with international laws, use of proper terminologies, and with migrant’s rights and the protection of migrants”, says IOM’s Protection Officer Yitna Getachew.


According to him, this training is important for a country like Ethiopia, which is a source, destination as well as a transit country for migration.


In addition to hosting close to a million refugees, tens of thousands of migrants leave the country through irregular migratory channels, and close to ten thousand returnees are received every month. In addition, Ethiopia also hosts a large number of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).   


The training which started today (3 December) will run until 6 December 2019.


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