Migration and Development Unit


International migration in the development context relates both to people who have chosen to move on their own accord, and forced migrants who can ultimately end up contributing to both their country of resettlement and possibly their country of origin. Maximizing the positive relationship between migration and development has long been a focus of IOM’s work. The objective of IOM’s migration and development programme is to contribute to a better understanding of the links between international migration and development in order to harness the development potential of migration for the benefit of both societies and migrants and to contribute to sustainable development and poverty reduction.

Moreover in its labour migration programming, IOM strives to protect migrant workers and to optimize the benefits of labour migration for both the country of origin and destination as well as for the migrants themselves.

Intervention Focus Areas:

TRQN: The Temporary Return of Qualified Nationals (TRQN) is a project where qualified Ethiopian professionals from the Netherlands and other European countries return to work on short term assignments in different institutions sharing new insights and skills. This project first started in 1995 and ended 1999.

MIDEth: IOM SLO has been working closely with the Government of Ethiopia to facilitate the mobilization and utilization of human and financial resources of Ethiopian Diaspora for the country’s development. One of the interventions, Migration for Development in Ethiopia (MIDEth), has been under implementation in collaboration with the Diaspora Engagement Affairs Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Ethiopia.

AMEDIP: A project on strengthening of African and Middle Eastern Diaspora Policy through South-South Exchange (AMEDIP) has been implemented having the objective of enhancing institutional and technical capacities of the federal and regional diaspora coordination offices in Ethiopia.

Pilot mapping exercise: A pilot mapping exercise of Ethiopian diasporas in selected major destination countries namely Canada, Kenya, South Africa and United Kingdom was conducted.

Diaspora Support for KSA returnees: IOM SLO has been able to mobilize the Ethiopian Diaspora during the emergency assistance of Ethiopian returnees from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through United States Association for International Migration (USAIM).

Labour Migration : Recently a labour migration project on “strengthening labour migration management in Ethiopia” was funded which will be implemented in close collaboration with Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and relevant stakeholders. The objective of the project is to support and enhance the capacity of Government of Ethiopia (GoE) policy makers and other stakeholders engaged in labour migration to more effectively manage and regulate labour migration from Ethiopia. Ongoing discussions are being conducted with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ethiopian Diaspora Association with regards to identifying areas of collaboration to enhance diaspora engagement towards the development of the country.