• National Labour Migration Management Assessment: Ethiopia

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  • Livelihood Support brings hope to Eritrean Refugees and Host Communities.

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  • IOM SLO in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 2015 Annual Report

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  • Human trafficking and smuggling of migrants

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IOM’s publications on the 2013/14 emergency assistance for the Ethiopian returnees from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are out now.

  • Assessment of the Socio- Economic situation and needs of Ethiopian Returnees from KSA.Read here
  • A photo story showing the emergency and post-arrival assistance to Ethiopian Migrants returning from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Read here
  • Post arrival humanitarian assistance to Ethiopians returning from the kingdom of Saudi Arabia an account of IOM’s operation in assisting over 160,000 Ethiopian Returnees.Read here
  • Migrant Voices, a publication which depicts the experience of Ethiopian returnees from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.Read here