Recruitment takes place in the following categories:


  • Staff in the Professional category, referred to as Officials, have international expertise in a particular aspect of IOM's work. IOM recruits at the levels of P-1 through to P-5, and Directors at D-1 level. IOM follows the job classification and compensation system regulated by the International Civil Servant Commission (ICSC), as established by the United Nations General Assembly. Details of the classification and conditions of International Civil Servants can be found on the ICSC Home page at

National Officers:

  • National Officers are employed to perform professional duties which require knowledge and experience at the national level, and so cannot be carried out as effectively by internationally recruited staff. National Officers complement the knowledge and experience of international staff and provide field offices with the knowledge of local conditions, including the policy, economy, culture, language as well as the functions and procedures of the host government’s machinery, enhancing the effectiveness of IOM programmes, and importantly, building national capacities. Hence, staff members recruited for National Officer Positions should be national of the country Mission.

General Service:

  • This category includes local qualified staff with the skills and ability to provide support service to the Organization. In this category, recruitment may take place at G-1 to G-7 levels. IOM follows the job classification of the United Nations Common General Service Standard.

Main Fields of Expertise Relevant to IOM Work:

  • Administration
  • Computer Science/Information Technology
  • Economics
  • Education/Training
  • Accounting
  • Human Resources Management
  • Humanitarian and Emergency Operations
  • Languages
  • Medical Services and Public Health Management
  • Migration, Movement and Travel Management
  • Programme Management
  • Public International Law
  • Public Relations